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p/s:Any questions about Sakura or Hinata will be ignore
thanks if you're sending me questions . I'll answer soon as i can ^_^
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is hoping for more “sleep over” from sasuke
i smell sth…
Hihow are you? That's if you don't mind me asking.

haha,fine as always, Thanks for asking. Anyway,I’m back - from a “long vacation”:iconkushina-sorryplz:

When did you get pregnant with Naruto ? 🙊

October 10 - 9 months 10 days = you can get the answer,anon :iconslowblushplz:

new OTP


asdashdjas 710 followers already ?! ,OMG Thank you thank you so much ;;-;; asdnjask

i’m using mouse so that’s why i answer slowly. my tablet’s dead sob

|| Okay, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture you're using on your blog, but I can not find it /anywhere/, and I've checked all your blogs, deviantarts. Maybe I'm just blind-- but could you post it? -- by the way, I'm a huge fan of your art. and as a request-- Could you make a picture of Minato proposing to Kushina--

did you mean this ? or my blog picture on the left ?  oohh if yes, I’m so sorry cuz my theme was changed so the background changed,too. I took it from Google(Kushina in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revoluton) IT wasn’t my art, I wish i could draw like that- eh wait- it’s a 3D model ,looks really like a drawing,tho. :iconkushinahuhplz: 

And thank you sooo much !! i’m glad you like them  :iconikr-plz: 

hm… Minato’s proposing Kushina, huh ? I’ve posted this question before so here it is :D 

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